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Blazing Dribblers

Are you a boy or girl aged 5 or over, and are a beginner?

Are you looking for a fun introduction to basketball?

Blazing Dribblers is held 4:30 to 5:30pm every Friday at Balwyn High School

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for more information



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U13 Girls Team Selection Session  
Wednesday 12th February at Balwyn High School from 6pm
Please bring a light and a dark top and a drink bottle. IF you are a current Blazers playerplease wear your Blazers singlet                            
All new players and players returning from season/s off please attend the first session unless discussed with the registrar or age group coordinator prior, or listed below                      
Please note: Some player may be asked to stay for later sessions                                      
Please register on the website. Www.balwynblazers.com.au                                        
NUMBERS: To assist with grading all players are allocated a number or letter below.                                    
  To help the night move more smoothly,please if you have time, write this number or letter as large as possible                            
  clearly with a large dark marker on at least one arm and one leg.                                    
ASSISTANCE REQUIRED: Registration Desk Helpers Required please-                                     
We need at least two parents/older siblings at each session to help  writing numbers/letters on arms and helping new players fill out a information form.                      
 Please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  if you can assist at one session or more                              


Name Team Selection Session Venue Time
Amber Rastogi Group 1 BHS 6pm-7pm
Amy Liem Group 1 BHS 6pm-7pm
Angelka Miltiadou Group 1 BHS 6pm-7pm
Aura Surana Group 1 BHS 6pm-7pm
Ayfer Umair Shah Group 1 BHS 6pm-7pm
Bailee Riddle Group 1 BHS 6pm-7pm
Baran Keshtkar Group 1 BHS 6pm-7pm
Charlie Harbison Group 1 BHS 6pm-7pm
Charlotte Herlihy Group 1 BHS 6pm-7pm
Chloe Domain Group 1 BHS 6pm-7pm
Chloe Pearce Group 1 BHS 6pm-7pm
Christina Koutsioufitis Group 1 BHS 6pm-7pm
Christina Kumarasinghe Group 1 BHS 6pm-7pm
Elena Pellegrino Group 1 BHS 6pm-7pm
Emily Davidson Group 1 BHS 6pm-7pm
Emily Jakovljevic Group 1 BHS 6pm-7pm
Evangeline Korte Group 1 BHS 6pm-7pm
Evie Jaksch Group 1 BHS 6pm-7pm
Freya McNiven Group 1 BHS 6pm-7pm
Gabriella Chabbou Group 1 BHS 6pm-7pm
Hannah Olsen Group 1 BHS 6pm-7pm
Isha Kapur Group 1 BHS 6pm-7pm
Ishika Sureka Group 1 BHS 6pm-7pm
Jacinta Brennan Group 1 BHS 6pm-7pm
Jesse McQueen-Thomson Group 1 BHS 6pm-7pm
Julia Bowser Group 1 BHS 6pm-7pm
Keira Brown Group 1 BHS 6pm-7pm
Lara Rodgers Group 1 BHS 6pm-7pm
Lauren Murphy Group 1 BHS 6pm-7pm
Leilani Crellin Group 1 BHS 6pm-7pm
Linda Hu Group 1 BHS 6pm-7pm
Liv Malek Group 1 BHS 6pm-7pm
Lulu Bode Group 1 BHS 6pm-7pm
Maddie Tong Group 1 BHS 6pm-7pm
Miranda McLean Group 1 BHS 6pm-7pm
Monica Chen Group 1 BHS 6pm-7pm
Nysa Ramavat Group 1 BHS 6pm-7pm
Olivia McGurn Group 1 BHS 6pm-7pm
Piper Reid-Pettett Group 1 BHS 6pm-7pm
Reana Ariss-Shah Group 1 BHS 6pm-7pm
Rose Harbison Group 1 BHS 6pm-7pm
Ruby Potter Group 1 BHS 6pm-7pm
Sanuki Kulatunga Group 1 BHS 6pm-7pm
Sara Angelkovik Group 1 BHS 6pm-7pm
Sarah Ariss-Shah Group 1 BHS 6pm-7pm
Sarah Hu Group 1 BHS 6pm-7pm
Shaylea Sharp Group 1 BHS 6pm-7pm
Sienna Pittorino Group 1 BHS 6pm-7pm
Taylor Austin Group 1 BHS 6pm-7pm
Taylor Rizzo Group 1 BHS 6pm-7pm
Taylor Rossely Group 1 BHS 6pm-7pm
Tiffany Spencer Group 1 BHS 6pm-7pm
Georgia Bell Group 2 BHS 6:50pm-8pm
Grace Jelenic Group 2 BHS 6:50pm-8pm
Sarah Yu Group 2 BHS 6:50pm-8pm
Abigail Davie-Lewczuk Group 2 BHS 6:50pm-8pm
Alexandria Hamilton Group 2 BHS 6:50pm-8pm
Alison Winstanley Group 2 BHS 6:50pm-8pm
Allegra Fattore Group 2 BHS 6:50pm-8pm
Anne Alexandropoulos Group 2 BHS 6:50pm-8pm
Bella Schache Group 2 BHS 6:50pm-8pm
Bridie Walsh Group 2 BHS 6:50pm-8pm
Caitlin Humphries Group 2 BHS 6:50pm-8pm
Carla Pertile Group 2 BHS 6:50pm-8pm
Charlotte Hayes Group 2 BHS 6:50pm-8pm
Chloe Jones Group 2 BHS 6:50pm-8pm
Elise Godfrey Group 2 BHS 6:50pm-8pm
Elvie Merchant Group 2 BHS 6:50pm-8pm
Emmy Woods Group 2 BHS 6:50pm-8pm
Erica Lee Group 2 BHS 6:50pm-8pm
Erin Glazebrook Group 2 BHS 6:50pm-8pm
Erin Louey Group 2 BHS 6:50pm-8pm
Freya Godfrey Group 2 BHS 6:50pm-8pm
Grace Kwok Group 2 BHS 6:50pm-8pm
Hannah Robarts Group 2 BHS 6:50pm-8pm
Helen Kyriakos Group 2 BHS 6:50pm-8pm
Jemima Park Group 2 BHS 6:50pm-8pm
Juliette Moran Group 2 BHS 6:50pm-8pm
Kaitlin Furlong Group 2 BHS 6:50pm-8pm
Leila Olsson Group 2 BHS 6:50pm-8pm
Maddy De Jong Group 2 BHS 6:50pm-8pm
Mary Liuzzi Group 2 BHS 6:50pm-8pm
Molly Free Group 2 BHS 6:50pm-8pm
Phoebe Camm Group 2 BHS 6:50pm-8pm
Piari Dhillon Group 2 BHS 6:50pm-8pm
Rhiannon Perera Group 2 BHS 6:50pm-8pm
Saidie Schlicht Group 2 BHS 6:50pm-8pm
Sammy Tymkin Group 2 BHS 6:50pm-8pm
Sofia Rodriguez Group 2 BHS 6:50pm-8pm
Sophia Hannebery Group 2 BHS 6:50pm-8pm
Stephanie Markotis Group 2 BHS 6:50pm-8pm
Tara Beckter Group 2 BHS 6:50pm-8pm
Zara Purcell Group 2 BHS 6:50pm-8pm
Zoe Durbridge Group 2 BHS 6:50pm-8pm
Zoe Ziebarth Group 2 BHS 6:50pm-8pm
Adele Nucara Group 3 BHS 7:50pm-9pm
Alannah Proietto Group 3 BHS 7:50pm-9pm
Alex Eskitzis Group 3 BHS 7:50pm-9pm
Amy Gerdsen Group 3 BHS 7:50pm-9pm
Angelina Petalas Group 3 BHS 7:50pm-9pm
Anika Keating Group 3 BHS 7:50pm-9pm
Annika Bergamin Group 3 BHS 7:50pm-9pm
Audrey Stavrakis Group 3 BHS 7:50pm-9pm
Capri Dalla-Fontana Group 3 BHS 7:50pm-9pm
Celeste Rosier Group 3 BHS 7:50pm-9pm
Charli Cannell Group 3 BHS 7:50pm-9pm
Cindy Cui Group 3 BHS 7:50pm-9pm
Emma Kronish Group 3 BHS 7:50pm-9pm
Freya Bazley Group 3 BHS 7:50pm-9pm
Ibby Wotherspoon Group 3 BHS 7:50pm-9pm
Isabel Tan Group 3 BHS 7:50pm-9pm
Isabella Mazzei Group 3 BHS 7:50pm-9pm
Isabelle Godfrey Group 3 BHS 7:50pm-9pm
Jahrielle McAlary Group 3 BHS 7:50pm-9pm
Jess Cheevers Group 3 BHS 7:50pm-9pm
Juliet Chen Group 3 BHS 7:50pm-9pm
Khushi Pahuja Group 3 BHS 7:50pm-9pm
Lara Simonetta Group 3 BHS 7:50pm-9pm
Lauren Elliston Group 3 BHS 7:50pm-9pm
Leia Ong Group 3 BHS 7:50pm-9pm
Leni Paten Group 3 BHS 7:50pm-9pm
Lexi Stefanou Group 3 BHS 7:50pm-9pm
Lucy Harris Group 3 BHS 7:50pm-9pm
Melania Andonov Group 3 BHS 7:50pm-9pm
Millie Begg Group 3 BHS 7:50pm-9pm
Nati Stefanou Group 3 BHS 7:50pm-9pm
Piper Hartnett Group 3 BHS 7:50pm-9pm
Sienna Fitzgerald Group 3 BHS 7:50pm-9pm
Tayla O'Neil Group 3 BHS 7:50pm-9pm
Tong Tong Zhou Group 3 BHS 7:50pm-9pm

Group Red Group White
Court 4 Court 5
Time  5 to 6:10pm 5 to 6:10pm
1 Minky Miltiadou 31 Baran Keshtkar
2 Noor Virk 32 Taylor Austin
3 Ayfer Umair Shah 33 Gabriella Chabbou
4 Claire Holman 34 Hannah Gibbin
5 Ishika Sureka 35 Keira Brown
6 Monica Chen 36 Olivia McGurn
7 Neha Basu 37 Piper Reid-Pettett
8 Sahasra Samireddy 38 Reana Ariss-Shah
9 Zara Bennet 39 Sarah Ariss-Shah
10 Aura Surana 40 Sienna Mansfield
11 Bailee Riddle 41 Emily Davidson
12 Eve Tram 42 Hannah Olsen
13 Hannah Nguyen 43 Jesse McQueen-Thomson
14 Nellie Major 44 Miranda McLean
15 Olivia Malek 45 Sara Angelkovik
16 Rose Harbison 46 Sienna Pittorino
17 Charlie Harbison 47 Stephanie Markotis
18 Chloe Domain 48 Georgia Bell
19 Harriet Wise 49 Sarah Yu
20 Isha Kapur 50 Jacinta Brennan
21 51 Hailey Roberts
22 52 Samantha Bannon
23 53 Charlotte Herlihy
24 54
25 55
26 56
27 57
28 58
29 59