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Blazing Dribblers

Are you a boy or girl aged 5 or over, and are a beginner?

Are you looking for a fun introduction to basketball?

Blazing Dribblers is held 4:30 to 5:30pm every Friday at Balwyn High School

Please email 


for more information



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Wednesday 14th February at Boroondara Sports Complex starting 5:00pm 

Session 1 Wednesday 12th 5:00-5:50 PM
Session 2 Wednesday 12th 6:00-6:50 PM
Session 3 Wednesday 12th 7:00-8:00 PM
Please read your allocated session below carefully
All new and return player to attend the first session. Players may be asked to stay back for later sessions
U11 Raffael Didelis Session 1
U11 Liam Evans Session 1
U11 Alex Everett Session 1
U11 Dwayne Lee Session 1
U11 Oliver Li Session 1
U11 Conley Zhang Session 1
U11 Tanner Chester Session 1
U11 Edison Hsieh Session 1
U11 Marvin Kwee Session 1
U11 Hamish Mitchell Session 1
U11 Edward O'Hoy Session 1
U11 Tongyue Zhang Session 1
U11 Maxwell Chao-Hong Session 1
U11 Brendan Hardege Session 1
U11 Rishaan Shah Session 1
U11 Adam Sun Session 1
U11 Mingyuan Wu Session 1
U11 Robin Zhang Session 1
U11 Joseph Beltrame Session 1
U11 William Burley Session 1
U11 William Elliott Session 1
U11 Ilia Khajeh Session 1
U11 Anthony Lando Session 1
U11 Zavier Lim Session 1
U11 Luke Mason Session 1
U11 John Spindler Session 1
U11 Taj Dillon Session 2
U11 Oliver Gooch Session 2
U11 William Lofting Session 2
U11 James Oakley Session 2
U11 Oliver Pope Session 2
U11 Stelios Angelodemou Session 2
U11 Nate Carpenter Session 2
U11 Joseph Georgaklis Session 2
U11 Ronan Mahaffy Session 2
U11 Edward McIntosh Session 2
U11 Alexander Siemers Session 2
U11 Zac Agnoletto Session 2
U11 Tedmond Hawke Session 2
U11 Xavier Lau Session 2
U11 Dariusz Mamo Session 2
U11 Toby Molyneux Session 2
U11 Callum Steele Session 2
U11 John Wells Session 2
U11 Henrik Bergamin Session 2
U11 Jack Grybas Session 2
U11 Evan Hu Session 2
U11 Hung Nguyen Session 2
U11 Ben Reynolds Session 2
U11 Mohammad Shenaveh Session 2
U11 Langdon Tainsh Session 2
U11 Finn McKeag Session 2
U11 Cooper Ogden Session 2
U11 Jayden Oh Session 2
U11 Ishaan Scala Session 2
U11 Alexander Fattore Session 2
U11 Jack Sangiorgio Session 2
U11 Ray Zhan Session 2
U11 Matthew Huang Session 2
U11 Oliver Huang Session 2
U11 Marcus Lu Session 2
U11 Ethan Tran Session 2
U11 Dimitri Vourvahakis Session 2
U11 Lachlan Zhang Session 2
U11 Thomas Armstrong Session 3
U11 William Casey Session 3
U11 Elliot Fromm Session 3
U11 William Mitchell Session 3
U11 Max Sammut Session 3
U11 Dylan Wong Session 3
U11 Marcus Yeung Session 3
U11 Marcus Boulos Session 3
U11 Joshua Brunton Session 3
U11 Samuel Grlj Session 3
U11 Jordan Jao Session 3
U11 Jack Marostica Session 3
U11 James Martino Session 3
U11 Zac McCarthy Session 3
U11 Hamish Stewart Session 3
U11 Mason O'Neil Session 3
U11 Thomas Williamson Session 3
U11 Harry Alexander Gan Session 3
U11 Louis Hardiman Session 3
U11 Lachlan Kruse Session 3
U11 Dylan Lennox Session 3
U11 Ben Ward Session 3
U11 Liam Chuen Session 3
U11 Reuben Shale Session 3
U11 Samuel Williams Session 3
U11 Samuel Burnett Session 3
U11 Lachie Ham Session 3
U11 Lucas Huynh Session 3
U11 Wonlee Kua Session 3
U11 Luca Mallamaci Session 3
U11 Patrick McInerney Session 3
U11 Jackson Ong Session 3
U11 Nicholas Smith Session 3
U11 Raphael Cramb Session 3
U11 Cooper Gunn Session 3
U11 Gabriel Steele Session 3
U11 Ezekiel McCall Session 3
U11 Hamish Campbell-Burns Session 3
U11 Jacques Dewaele Session 3
U11 Hamish Kenny Session 3
U11 Lachlan Craik Session 3
U11 Luke Salerno Session 3