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Blazing Dribblers

Are you a boy or girl aged 5 or over, and are a beginner?

Are you looking for a fun introduction to basketball?

Blazing Dribblers is held 4:30 to 5:30pm every Friday at Balwyn High School

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U14 Girls Team Selection Session
Wednesday 15th August 2018 at Boroondara Sports Centre Courts 4 & 5
Please bring a light and a dark top and a drink bottle. IF you are a current Blazers playerplease wear your Blazers singlet
All new players and players returning from season/s off please attend the first session unless discussed 
with the registrar or age group coordinator prior, or listed below
Please note: Some player may be asked to stay for later sessions
Please register on the website. Www.balwynblazers.com.au
NUMBERS: To assist with grading all players are allocated a number or letter below.
To help the night move more smoothly,please if you have time, write this number or letter as large as possible
clearly with a large dark marker on at least one arm and one leg.
ASSISTANCE REQUIRED: Registration Desk Helpers Required please- 
We need at least two parents/older siblings at each session to help  writing numbers/letters
 on arms and helping new players fill out an information form.
Please contact Paul Martin at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you can assist at one session or more
Group One     Group Two     Group Three  
BSC Wednesday 5pm - 5.50pm     BSC Wednesday 6pm - 6.50pm     BSC Wednesday 7pm - 7.50pm  
1 Ailish Walsh   40 Amanda Shen   72 Alana Oakley
2 Alannah Dieng   41 Amelia Lane   73 Alice Cole
3 Amelie Giaimo   42 Amelia Layton   74 Allie Libertone
4 Brianna Von Arx   43 Ananya Singh   75 Amber Davison
5 Caroline Georgarakis   44 Anastasia Karamanos   76 Amy Dingle
6 Connie Thomopoulos   45 Anna Deane   77 Arina Foroodi
7 Dorsa Khajeh   46 Carla Crowe   78 Ava Dalla-Fontana
8 Elaine Tian   47 Catherine Huang   79 Becky Garwoli
9 Gabriella Zakarija   48 Chanuthmie Godahewa   80 Bella Stefanou
10 Hannah Newton   49 Chloe Davidson   81 Catia Cococcia
11 Ila Zamani   50 Chloe Spencer   82 Charlotte Morgan
12 Isabella Pastore   51 Claudia Lucci   83 Ciara Newman
13 Isabelle Lando   52 Eden Fraser   84 Eliza Hynes
14 Jamie Sinicco   53 Elena Kenos   85 Ellie Brown
15 Juliette McLean   54 El-Georgia Doukakaros   86 Erinn McAlary
16 Katrina Steinschulte   55 Emma Brunton   87 Eva Thompson-Smith
17 Leila Dubow   56 Emma Jordan   88 Georgia McBean
18 Libby Fraumano-Braddy   57 Emma Wilkinson   89 Hannah Simos-Garner
19 Lily Jakovljevic   58 Fiona Li   90 Izzy Morrison
20 Lottie Krywula   59 Georgie Watson   91 Jasmine Ou
21 Marnie Frazer   60 Grace Deane   92 Jess Humphries
22 Nyla Williams Alcide   61 Isabella Nucara   93 Kayla Rollnik
23 Pamela Chabbou   62 Isabella Parker   94 Lisa Ong
24 Sharanya Maheshwari   63 Jenna Cross   95 Madeleine Giagoudakis
25 Sophie Chinnock   64 Megan Folscher   96 Maeve Gunning
26 Tara Louey   65 Nicole Lim   97 Millie Bode
27 Tara Rastogi   66 Ruby Bennett   98 Nelly Tragardh
28 Yvette Thompson   67 Ruby Sykiotis   99 Olivia Pertile
29 Zoe Smith   68 Samantha Morrison   100 Sarah Wansbrough
      69 Sarah Yamamoto   101 Sofia Moran
      70 Sarina Talebi   102 Tahlia Noisette
      71 Zara Ellerbeck   103 Tara Tsekouras
            104 Tommia Nedelkov
            105 Zoe Johnson