U11 Girls Team Selection Session
Tuesday 11th February 2020 at Boroondara Sports Complex
Please bring a light and a dark top and a drink bottle. IF you are a current Blazers playerplease wear your Blazers singlet      
All new players and players returning from season/s off please attend the first session unless discussed with the registrar or age group coordinator prior, or listed below
Please note: Some player may be asked to stay for later sessions                
Please register on the website. Www.balwynblazers.com.au                  
NUMBERS: To assist with grading all players are allocated a number or letter below.          
  To help the night move more smoothly,please if you have time, write this number or letter as large as possible    
  clearly with a large dark marker on at least one arm and one leg.            
ASSISTANCE REQUIRED: Registration Desk Helpers Required please-             
We need at least two parents/older siblings at each session to help  writing numbers/letters on arms and helping new players fill out a information form.
 Please contact  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you can assist at one session or more          
  Tues BSC 5:00pm-6:10     6:00pm-7:00                
  Group Red     Group Blue              
1 Hannah Razdar   40 Alex Roache              
2 Lily Sproules   41 Amelia King              
3 Olive Alexander   42 Cara Glazebrook              
4 Serene Dhaliwal   43 Harper O'Donnell              
5 Shannon Kaldahl   44 Maya Paten              
6 Grace Chan   45 Ashleigh Ramsay              
7 Leif Lloyd     46 Dana Kauye              
8 Phoebe Lewis   47 Georgia Wilson              
9 Salina Ly     48 Krisha Sajeesh              
10 Sinead Toohey   49 Lola Castaldi              
11 Lilly-Rose Chabbou   50 Meera Iyer              
12 Sophie Maher   51 Tamsin Whitburn              
13 Yves Simonetta   52 Amelia Neville              
14 Clovie Dayanand   53 Catherine Liuzzi              
15 Ayla Wagner   54 Maggie Burrett              
16 Bea Willimott   55 Mia Freda              
17 Ellie Kruse   56 Mila Jakovljevic              
18 Harper Thompson-Smith 57 Hannah Gibbin              
19 Izzy Neeson   58 Harriet Wise              
20 Mahee Kudumbur   59 Sienna Mansfield              
21 Matilda Zhang   60 Neha Basu              
22 Mj Huynh     61 Sahasra Samireddy              
23 Anastasia Kafkoulas   62 Eve Tram                
24 Audrey Lewis   63 Hannah Nguyen              
25 Elise Roberts-Ferguson 64 Milla Petrie              
26 Jordan-Rose Aherne 65 Nellie Major              
 27  Kate   Allen   66 Noor Virk                
 28  Lily  Evers   67 Zara Bennet              
        68 Minky Miltiadou              
        69 Emma Henderson              
        70 Belle Henderson              
  Group Orange                      
80 Drishti Dhurve                      
81 Issy Begg                        
82 Cleo Torney                      
83 Courtney Smith                      
84 Emily Lewis                      
85 Eva Turton                      
86 Ines Mamo                      
87 Lily Newnham                      
88 Livvy Jackson                      
89 Sydney Ridley                      
90 Bella Dalla-Fontana                      
91 Charlee Morrison                      
92 Daniella Slocombe                      
93 Elizabeth Hearn                      
94 Ella Philpin                      
95 Hailey Oakley                      
96 Isabella Ryan                      
97 Sienna Lyons                      
98 Alison Robb                      
99 Charlotte Ham                      
100 Ashley Fileccia                      
101 Harriet Hutchins                      
102 Hayley Columbine                      
103 Jasmine Proietto                      
104 Lily Turton                      
105 Millie Fraser                      
106 Miranda Gerdsen                      
107 Sanulee Godahewa                      
108 Nadia Bell                      
109 Eve Bousioutas                      
110 Kiara Colaneri                      
111 Sienna Thomas                      
112 Claire Holman